Hi my name is Barbie. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. A few important things about me. I'm incredibly fond of fetch, but after some play time all I want to do is lay down right by your side. I enjoy a lot of exercise, and a nice treat every now and again. I'll admit sometimes I can be stubborn. I won't want to walk well on my leash or I will pull too much. But I've been working very hard with my friend Jason, he's a dog trainer, to get better at it. I'm all about self-improvement. I prefer to be the center of attention so I'm a one-pet household girl. Cats and other dogs just rub me the wrong way. But I have so much love to give, you won't miss having any other pets. I'll also look great next to your couch, black goes well with everything you know.
Mixed Breed
AGE: 4 Years
SEX: Female
WEIGHT: 67 lbs
PET ID: 15528

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