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Is your dog peeing on your favorite rug? Pooping on your beautiful hardwood floors? Dogs have to urinate and defecate, just as humans do. The key to training your dog not to eliminate in inappropriate places is to find out why he is choosing your rug or your floor instead of his corner in the backyard.

Case A

  1. If your dog has been having accidents in the house almost regularly without any long periods of good potty behavior…
  2. If your dog has an accident even after being taken outside…
  3. If his accidents are both urination and defecation, especially a large amount of urine…

Your dog may simply be ”lacking reliable housetraining.” Here are some tips:

  1. Don’t punish your dog. Spanking or rubbing his nose in the soiled spot will probably just cause him to go somewhere else, out of your sight. It also doesn’t teach your dog where to go.
  2. Use short terms for terms for going outside and for eliminating, such as “Want to go out?” and “Go potty!” Praise and reward him when he eliminates outside.
  3. After cleaning the area thoroughly with an enzymatic cleaner, make the places he has soiled less appealing to him by using surface aversives (such as sticky tape or upside-down carpet runner).

Case B

  1. If the accidents are only urine…
  2. If the urine is in very small quantities…
  3. If the dog is male and not been neutered…
  4. If he is quarreling with other dogs (either in the family or in the neighborhood)…

Your dog may be “marking his territory.” Here are some tips:

  1. Neuter your dog.
  2. Draw the curtains and close the doors if outside animals are provoking his behavior.
  3. After cleaning the area thoroughly with an enzymatic cleaner, make the places he has soiled less appealing to him.


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