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27th Annual Walk with the Animals

23 March 2019 8:00 am – 2:00 pm
Location: Fairmount Park, 2601 Fairmount Blvd. , Riverside , CA
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Please join us for the 27th Annual Walk with the Animals, 1.3 miles walk around Lake Evans, Saturday, March 23, 2019, benefitting the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center.

Event Date: Saturday, March 23, 2019
Event Time: 8 am - 2 pm
Walk will begin at 9 am 


Early Bird Registration: December 1, 2018, through February 15, 2018

  • $20 Adults (18+)
  • $10 Kids (17 and under)

Registration: February 16, 2019, through March 23, 2019

  • $25 Adults (18+)
  • $15 Kids (17 and under)

All registered participants will receive a commemorative Walk for the Animals t-shirt and pancake breakfast!

  • Online registration closes at 5 pm on Friday, March 22, 2019
  • On-site registration will begin at 7:30 am on Saturday, March 23, 2019


We strongly recommend registering on-line | Or download a pledge sheet



You’ve registered…now what?

Registering is just the beginning… now it’s time to rally your animal-loving friends and family for support!

The best way to collect donations is via your Walk with the Animals personalized web page that has all your Walk information. Just email the link to your web page to friends, family, colleagues…and anyone else you can think of who wants to help you help animals (or share it on Facebook) – everyone who sees the link is just a click away from making a secure online donation on your behalf.

You can also download the Donations Collection Form and collect cash donations or checks made out to Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center and add them to your online total. For more information and instructions for offline donations see the Fact Sheet.


Collect Pledges and Earn Great Prizes!

While the real prize is raising funds for homeless pets, it’s always fun to be rewarded for your hard work. To that end, we offer a wide range of treats to thank you for all you do for the animals.

  • Furbo
    Top Fundraiser Choice: Furbo Dog Camera with treat tossing
  • FitBit
    Top Fundraiser Choice: FitBit Versa Smartwatch
  • Bluetooth Speaker
    $1000 Level: Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Pet Accessory Bag
    $750 Level: Pet Accessory Bag + Lower Prizes
  • 6 fleecejacket
    $500 Level: Zip-up Fleece Jacket + Lower Prizes
  • baseballcap
    $250 Level: Baseball Cap + Lower Prizes
  • Water Bottle
    $125 Level: Aluminum Water Bottle Water Bottle + Lower Prizes
  • totebag
    $75 Level: MSRPAC tote bag
  • T shirt
    Fee Commemorative Walk with the Animals T-shirt


Need help fundraising? View useful tips here!

Walk with the Animals 2019 Fundraising Tips

Here are a few tips to help you with your fundraising. Remember, the more creative you are, the more money you can raise!

Customize your personal walk fundraising page:

Tell people why you are passionate about raising money for the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center. You can even post a photo or video of you and your furry friends!

Send Emails:

Share your passion for the animals. Use your personal fundraising page to conveniently send fundraising emails out to all your friends, family and colleagues letting them you are participating in the Walk with the Animals and ask them for their support. You can even import your email address book from Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail or AOL and then utilize an e-mail templates or write your own.

Use these creative ways to ask people for support:

Use your Participant Center to send an email from your pet to all your friends asking them to donate to your team.
Auction off a prime parking space at work!
Change Jars – Keep change/donation jars in high traffic areas at work

Set a Fundraising Goal

Share your goal with friends, family & co-workers so that they can help you & your pet achieve it.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Remember that you can’t raise money to help the animals if you don’t ask for support. Be proud of what you’re doing and your supporters will be proud to help you.

Face to Face

Ask family, friends and colleagues for a few minutes of their time so that you can talk without interruptions. Let them know why you’re participating and remember, you are not asking for the contribution for yourself, but for the thousands of individuals and animals the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center provides services to each year.


Prepare a list of all your friends and acquaintances and select an afternoon to sit down and call them about your plans to participate in the MSRPAC’s Walk with The Animals. Let them know about our wonderful programs - you may have personal experience in adopting a pet, or taking a training class, or receiving help in some way that you may want to share.

Letter Writing

Personalize your letter with details about yourself and the reasons you are walking - you might even want to include pictures of your pets! Remember your audience when you are crafting your letter - tailor it to fit friends, family, business owners, colleagues, etc. And, consider enclosing a self-addressed stamped envelope to make it easier for them to contribute (you'll find your response rate is much better.)

Matching Gifts

Check to see if your company offers matching gifts. This is a great way to double the money you raise. Please check your company's policy or contact your human resource office.

Donor Amounts

Let your supporters decide how much they wish to give on behalf of the animals. Don't limit yourself by asking for a smaller amount than they may have in mind. You'll be surprised at what people are willing to give!

Businesses You Patronize

Ask the places you frequent for a donation - such as your hair stylist, dry cleaner, doctor, dentist, gym, coffee shop, favorite restaurant, etc.


Remember to send a thank you note or email when you receive a donation - this is easy to in set-up in your on-line fundraising page.

For additional fundraising ideas, questions or further information contact: or call 951-688-4340 ext. 305



See answers to our frequently asked questions here or contact us at or 951-688-4340 ext 305

Is there a registration fee?

Yes. There is a minimal registration fee to help cover the cost of the event and to help ensure that the funds raised allow us to care for more animals. The registration fee is:

Early Bird Registration: December 1, 2018 through February 15, 2019
$20 Adults (18+)
$10 Kids (17 and under)

Registration: February 16, 2019 through March 25, 2019
$25 Adults (18+)
$15 Kids (17 and under)

All registered participants will receive a commemorative Walk for the Animals t-shirt and a pancake breakfast!

We strongly recommend on-line registration!

Online registration closes at 5pm. on Friday, March 22, 2019
Day-of event registration will begin at 7:30am

Is my Walk for Animals registration fee tax deductible?

Unfortunately, no. The Internal Revenue Service considers entry fees for charitable races and walks to be similar to tickets to sports games, gala events or theater performances—it is the price paid for attending and participating. Since it is considered an entertainment fee, it is not tax deductible. However, although the registration fee is not tax deductible, anything donated above and beyond that fee is. Also, any donation made to support a Walk with The Animals as a participant is tax deductible.

Can I bring my pets?

Friendly, on-leash dogs are welcome. Please keep in mind that approximately 1,000 dogs will be in attendance, so we do not recommend bringing other types of pets.

Can I bring my children and can they participate?

The Walk is a family-friendly event and children are welcome in all areas. All participants must register online or by printed form. Youth participants are also welcome to fundraise. The top youth participant will each be awarded a special prize.

What if I cannot attend the Walk but I want to raise funds for the animals?

Attendance on the day of the Walk is not required. If you cannot attend, you may still register online and use the website tools to raise funds, or use a printed pledge form to raise money. Send cash, checks and forms to: MSRPAC, 6165 Industrial Avenue, Riverside CA Attn: WWA

Download the Printed Pledge Sheet

What do I do with the cash and checks that I collect?

Please bring the envelope with all cash and checks to the Walk. If you receive cash or checks after the walk, please drop off or mail the donations in a clearly marked envelope to: MSRPAC, 6165 Industrial Avenue, Riverside CA Attn: WWA

How do I add cash and checks to my online total?

If a donor gives you a check, you can add that check amount to your fundraising page's total and display your donor in the list with all your online donors. Here's how.

Sign in to your account.

On the Home tab, click on the pencil icon next to the page you'd like to work with.

Click Enter Offline Donations.

A screen will come up asking for information about your donor. This information will be confirmed by the nonprofit when they receive the check. Once this information has been confirmed, it cannot be changed, so be sure to double-check what you've entered before clicking Continue!

Upon clicking Continue, the donation will appear on your fundraising page in the table of donors at the bottom - your offline donors will look just like your online donors. An email will also be sent to you and to your donor (if you've entered their email address) at this time, confirming that they made a donation to your page.

A full receipt email will follow once the nonprofit has received and confirmed the check - to make things easier for the nonprofit to match up, please ensure that your name or the address of your fundraising page is written in the memo line of the check.


Vendor/Exhibitor Information

Walk with the Animals is held each year and is a great opportunity for a business to show their support for the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center’s homeless pets and gain considerable exposure. Vendors have the opportunity to introduce their goods and services to an audience made up of hundreds of pet lovers from around the Inland Empire.

For more information on becoming a vendor contact our Fund Development Coordinator at or 951-688-4340 ext. 311.

Download the Vendor/Exhibitor Packet


All About Teams

What is a team?

  1. A group of three or more people who want to make a difference in a homeless animal’s life by participating together in Walk with the Animals.

Why form a team?

  1. This is a fun event to be shared with family, friends, and co-workers!
  2. This is an opportunity to raise money for Riverside’s homeless pets!
  3. Your entry as a Team automatically puts you in the running to win a breakfast celebration and inscribed brick to be installed at the Pet Adoption Center
  4. You will receive an event T-shirt to proudly wear!

Who can be in a team?

Your friends, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, family members and any other animal lover you may know who would like to raise money for the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center.

How to get your team running?

  1. Designate your Dog Team leader (they will set up the Dog Team online)
  2. Create a team name-Be creative!
  3. Go to our fundraising site and set up your Team.
  4. Once your Team has been created all of your members can sign up under the Team name. 


Our Event Sponsors

Show your support of the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center and become a sponsor of the 26th Annual Walk with the Animals. Partnering with the Pet Adoption Center is a great opportunity to market your company, product or service to committed pet lovers of the Inland Empire.

We heavily promote the event via social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), 20,000 Walk brochures, radio, and e-blasts. Benefits of sponsorship for the Walk may include (depending on your level of sponsorship):

  • Logo placement in Walk emails to over 11,600 contacts
  • Logo on Walk posters
  • Prominent logo placement on event t-shirts
  • Logo and link on Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center’s website, January - March 2018

For more information please contact or 951-688-4340 ext 311.

Download the Sponsorship Packet | To Come



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Social Media Banners

To show your support and recruit friends, share any of these images on your personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+ account. Choose a favorite and save to your computer and then post to your personal page!

DOWNLOAD social media banner archive


Important Note:  All pets must be on-leash at all times. The Walk is approximately one mile.