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Is your dog’s big mouth driving you and everyone else in the neighborhood barking mad? Dogs will bark because barking is a part of normal canine behavior. Some breeds have tendencies to bark more than your average dog, too. The key to a successful solution is finding out the cause (or causes) for the behavior.

Case A

  1. If your dog usually barks when someone is home…
  2. If you are limited in the social time you spend with your dog (such as petting, playing, brushing, training, etc)…
  3. If your dog barks when you are doing something like talking on the phone, watching television, or on the computer…
  4. If you finally give in and give your dog what he wants (such as your attention, a toy, a snack, etc., as a way to make your dog stop barking…

Your dog may have ”attention-seeking behavior.” Here are some tips:

  1. Gently praise your dog when he is being quiet (a quiet dog is a good dog and should be rewarded).
  2. Teach your dog a few commands such as sit and stay (enrolling in an obedience class should be very helpful).
  3. Ignore your dog when he barks (this is a tough one, because sometimes the barking will get worse before it gets better).
  4. Take your dog for a walk about the same time each day. Dogs do better with routines.

Case B

  1. If your dog spends most of her day by herself either in the yard of in the house…
  2. If there are few toys in the yard or house to keep her busy…
  3. If your dog is limited in social interactions with people or other dogs…
  4. If your dog is limited in doing activities with your such as playing or going for a walk…

Your dog may have “lonely heart behavior.”Here are some tips”

  1. Provide routine interactions with your dog such as walks on a leash, play time, obedience training, brushing and petting. Interact with your dog several times on a daily basis and about the same time each day. Dogs do better with routines.
  2. Give your dog a couple of interactive toys and rotate them weekly.


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