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You dog may be curious or afraid of your new bundle of joy, so preparing your dog for the new baby will help reduce both your stress and anxiety as well as your dog’s. Setting up rules, routines, and changes before the baby arrives will help eliminate your dog from associating the changes with the baby.

  • Set up a routine now that may be used when the new baby arrives. Ex: Set aside 15 -25 minutes each day to walk, brush and/or play with your dog. Follow through when the baby arrives (or ask a friend or family member to do so). This helps your dog feel that he is not being excluded from you once the baby comes.
  • Teach your dog that he can’t jump on the couch (or the bed, etc.) or people when ever he wants to, he must be invited or get permission from you first. Teach him to sit before he gets a treat or his food. This will help you dog understand that there are rules and that you are in charge (not him).
  • Bring in the new scents that your dog will be experiencing, such as baby food, baby powder, wiping cloths, etc. Your dog can investigate these new scents and become familiar with them before your baby comes home.


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