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Does it seem like your dog is digging to China? Is your yard an obstacle course of holes and mounds? Dogs will dig because digging is a part of normal canine behavior. Some breeds have tendencies to dig more than others, too. The key to a successful solution is finding out the cause (or causes) for your dog’s digging behavior.

Case A

  1. If your dog digs around the foundation of your house / and or “digs” or scratches at the door...
  2. If your dog doesn’t get to spend a lot of social time with you (such as petting, playing, walking, etc)…

Your dog may have ”a lonely heart.”  Here are some tips:

  1. Let your dog in the house more often.  He may be trying to dig his way inside the house to be close to you (or your scent).
  2. Give your dog more “people” time, such as petting, playing, walking, etc.

Case B

  1. If your dog likes to dig in shady areas when it is hot outside…
  2. If your dog likes to dig in sunny areas when it is cold outside…
  3. If you notice that your dog likes to lay in these areas…

Your dog may be digging for “comfort.” Here are some tips:

  1. Provide an area of comfort that you dog is allowed to dig in and get comfortable. Make it more comfortable by placing his favorite chewy toy there.
  2. Provide a comfortable alternative area, such as an insolated dog house.


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