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Does your dog have a hard time being left alone? Does it seem like he comes unglued when you’re gone? Do you think your dog “gets mad” at you when you’re not home and shows it by tearing up the place?

Case A

  1. If your dog starts barking, howling, whining or clawing at the door, almost immediately when you leave the house…
  2. If your dog has “accidents” (potty problems) almost every time you are gone…
  3. If your dog has torn up rugs, chairs, floors, or other areas of the house when you return…

Your dog may have ”Separation Anxiety.” Here are some tips:

  1. Don’t punish your dog. Your dog isn’t acting out of revenge or spite; instead he is probably having serious anxiety attacks. Punishment will make it worse
  2. Have your dog checked out by a veterinarian to make sure he doesn’t have a medical condition contributing to his behavior, and that he hasn’t injured himself in anyway (some dogs chip teeth, rip out toe nails, etc.)
  3. Crating your dog will make his anxiety even greater.


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